Special Magnum Massage Services - 29 02, 2012

masaje-magnum especial

Come and enjoy our new Special Magnum massage, wisely created by our masseuses for you to experiment top pleasure and relaxation. Imagine yourself trying our most deliciously erotic massage but also enjoying a deeper muscular work, plus two genital massages which will make you reach the climax twice multiplying your pleasure. In this massage you will feel shivers of pleasure thanks to the delicate and sinuous body to body massage as well as the stretching and kneading techniques on your muscles which will leave you in a state of great relaxation and wanting more.  In this massage we will not forget any corner of your body and you will be able to feel how the masseuse works your genitals and other parts with her feet, you will melt yourself with the prostatic stimulation and will reach the seventh heaven with the head massage, and, as usual in our Magnum services, you will also be able to exchange caresses and touch your masseuse’s body in the last 30 minutes of the therapy. Just try our most dynamic and exciting massage and you will not want anything else.

1 hour 300 € taxes included

1 hour 4 hands 600 € taxes included


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14 Comentarios

  1. Alan says:

    Trying to find your address in Barcelona. I am staying at a hotel on gran via de les corts Catalans. Where is your center for a great massage? I’d like to come today or tomorrow. Please email back info.

  2. Marc says:

    I am planing to visit you next week on saturday in barcelona. I was wondering if I need a reservation or if I can just come to any of your 2 centres? Also I wanted to ask if you might be offering nuru massages too?

    Thanks and see you soon

    • TantraTouch says:


      You can come to our centres without any reservation and but I would recommend you to call us before to check availability and avoid disappointment.

      We do not offer nuru massage but we have a wide range of erotic massages and you probably be able to find one suitable to your tastes.

      We hope to see you soon,


  3. Nick says:

    I saw almost all of your massages. I tried already once
    With my girlfriend and it was an excellent experience.
    I would like to know if you have any massage that the girl
    Is totally naked or any massage that offers oral. I don’t mind
    how much it will cost me. I enjoyed it so much and I know you
    Worth any last cent. Thanks

    • TantraTouch says:


      Thank you so much for your nice words, we are really pleased you liked so much your experience with us.

      I’ll tell you our masseuses are not completely naked in any of our massages, they always wear a thong. We do not have massages including oral sex either, and the ending is always manual, but in the Special Magnum two genital massages (manual) are offered.

      Thank you again, and we hope to see you soon :)

  4. josh says:

    what’s the age restriction, and how exactly do I get to your place?

  5. brandon says:

    you can go being under 18, can’t you?

  6. Panos says:

    The Massage Magnum Special includes two types of genital massage. I can imagine the one. Can you be more specific about the other ?

  7. Lola says:

    Mi pareja me quiere regalar el masaje magnum especial, he creido entender que habra sexo oral, mi pareja quiere mirar mientra me los hacen es posible? y yo le quiero regalar el mismo a el podrian hacerle una masturbacion anal, a el le encanta y yo podria mirar?
    Muchas gracias, iremos desde Alemania a Barcelona y nos gustaria mucho poder llevar a cabo nuestra fantasia.
    Felices Fiestas a todos.

  8. Angie says:

    Buenas tardes Lola,
    lamento decirte que no practicamos sexo oral. Sexo anal si, pues tenemos masajes prostáticos donde estimulamos la zona anal. A pesar de que no podamos ofrecerte lo que estás buscando, te garantizo un masaje super erótico, en un ambiente relajado y con placer a cada momento. Llegáreis a un clímax muy intenso tanto tú como tu pareja.
    Podéis llamarnos y os daremos toda la información necesaria.
    Espero noticias vuestras. Gracias a vosotros y feliz año!
    Un abrazo,


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