Spa massages Services - 29 02, 2012

spa masaje
Spa massages are a truly irresistible pleasure. Getting into a spa massages parlour is like having a strong desire of  giving ourselves over to the therapist’s hands and get into a state of relax and sensations caused by ingredients strategically combined to induce us into these well-being state.
There are holistic spas where the emotional, the spiritual and the phisycal are worked on by different means, spa fitness where exercise is included to the therapies and the ‘wellness and health’ where specialized doctors are available if you want.
This type os centres have proliferated these last years. There you can enjoy, for instance, the possibility of spreading diverse creams and oils, which combine different smells and substances from flower petals like roses or jasmine, to honey, chocolate, yoghurt, milk, coconut, bamboo, essences, hot stones, chinese balls, olive oil, argan, almonds, lavender and others, as exotic as wine, prosseco or beer.

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