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spa masaje

Spa massages

29 F, 2012, escrito por TantraTouch en Services

Spa massages are a truly irresistible pleasure. Getting into a spa massages parlour is like having a strong desire of  giving ourselves over to the therapist’s hands and get into a state of relax and sensations caused by ingredients strategically combined to induce us into these well-being state. There are holistic spas where the emotional, the …

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26 F, 2011, escrito por Tantra Touch en

In Balmes street, neuralgic centre of Barcelona, well communicated, there are two centres of Tantra Touch where you will find a very warm welcome. Our charming and always kind massesues will welcome you and your hearing and sight senses will be stimulated by them from the beginning. Your smell will be awaken by incense smell. …

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