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Erotic Massage Barcelona

Lingam or happy ending massage

Happy ending massage

Many people confuse the terms of lingam or happy ending massage , and that when they hear comments about them think you are talking about the same thing, although this claim has little to do with reality.

The thousands of ads that invade us today in erotic portals often distort what the term really means lingam massage, and treated as an ordinary fellatio accompanied by the words “lingam with a happy ending.”


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Happy ending, is a buzzword among advertisers of sex either internet sex or sex ads in newspapers, a euphemism for everything, since the end of the term indicates that we will reach ejaculation , regardless of the medium: “The happy ending of your choice” relationship, French, manual … it matters little what is done and how much less if he finally gets searched climax. This is fine, for those who are content with such a thing, of course, but here the problem is merely confused “happy ending” with an authentic lingam massage. Let’s be clear: when it comes to massage with a happy ending is simply talking about a bad massage with a crude masturbation, probably made by a person who is totally without any kind of training in massage techniques, and that very likely unknown pleasure a man may experience a lingam massage.

The word lingam, derived from Sanskrit and literally means “staff of light” is used to refer to the penis, and because the type of massage is Tantra techniques, philosophy developed in the East and especially in India, massage keeps Hindu name reveals that this is not a genital massage involves any but a own particular techniques. A lingam massage has several purposes: the more spiritual is seeking a greater connection with the massage giver (often the couple) and with the environment as well as the proliferation of sexual energy. The more physical are reaching a totally unknown heights of pleasure with the common practice of masturbation, which is intensified by sensory practice reaching higher levels and not just genital orgasms, if not of the whole body and total relaxation .

Come on, that if evidence, not look for a “happy ending” anyone looking for an authentic “lingam massage“, and really experience the happiest of endings.

The Touch Tantra massage with specialized training in lingam massage, are at your disposal so you can get the best erotic massage in Barcelona.

Also our teachers Tantra Tantric Touch keys move to Barcelona and Madrid hotels where you can get a fabulous massage and let your fantasies run.

Erotic Massage Barcelona


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