Tantric and erotic massage in Madrid

Tantra touch massages, a space created especially for all those people who seek to enjoy authentic tantric and erotic massages in Madrid. Enjoy a great intimate experience full of the most sensual and intense sensations in a different and elegant way in an environment full of great energy and passion. We propose that you discover with us an exciting world full of sensuality and eroticism accompanied by a lot of connection and emotion, liberation and ecstasy.

Tantric and erotic massage in Madrid, our masseurs

We have a great team of expert male and female spanish masseurs (more pictures here) that have an impeccable experience and a perfect handling of these techniques, acquired through a thorough prior training provided by great masters of this great art and culture. The Tantra.


Tantric and erotic massage in Madrid, our massages

Our massages are not limited, that is why they have been created meticulously to enjoy them individually and in pairs regardless of the sexual orientation.

Massage for Man
Massage for Woman
Couple Massages

We put at your disposal a wide range of tantric and erotic massages, each of them with its special touch and particularity. All of them are composed of oriental massage techniques, and they will bring you into a state of complete physical and mental relaxation by making a special fusion with tantric and erotic techniques to awaken your most intimate and pleasurable stimuli and instincts.


Tantric and erotic massage in Madrid, What can our massages bring?

The benefits are multiple and very noticeable from the first moment, ranging from your physical and mental state to connecting it with your intimate world. We speak of a state of pure and complete relaxation of your whole body and mind very necessary to continue the day to day with the greatest energy.

You will connect with your inner world to develop all those sensations that you are capable of feeling in a magical and pleasant environment in which there are no prejudices or taboos. It is a unique experience that belongs to you to live.

Our goal is focused on getting you to reach the full and absolute connection of your whole being and enjoy your sexual sensitivity as much as possible, providing you with a range of possibilities by which you can get to know yourself more deeply and experience new ways of receiving and give pleasure without involving explicit or oral sex.


Lingam massage for him, Jony massage for her

A special and different way to feel and enjoy intimate pleasure is with a Lingam massage for men and a Jony massage for women.

All our massages are created for both men and women to enjoy without any distinction. Our ideology is based on a fundamental key and it is to seek and find enjoyment and full pleasure in all its essence from the acceptance and a deep mutual respect.

This experience is becoming more known as time passes and goes deeper into a conscious state of our most intimate needs and desires regardless of the personal situation in which we find ourselves.

Lingam massage for men brings benefits in the intimate and personal fields, it is a good way to know yourself, control and enjoy all your stimuli, and is also perfectly recommended for men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Your masseuse will guide you to achieve full and absolute control of your abilities, you can enjoy endless orgasms before ejaculation so it will be activated and delayed to the maximum point.

Jony massage for women is a beneficial technique to discover new ways of feeling pleasure and get to enjoy multiple orgasms, knowing yourself more by being aware of your intimate abilities so that you can enjoy them and live them fully.

This will have a positive impact on your personal relationships since you will enjoy more of them feeling total confidence when sharing intimate experiences.

Therefore, these types of techniques are totally helpful and beneficial to intensify orgasms and be more durable and pleasurable.

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Tantric and erotic massage in Madrid, How are our massages?


If you allow us, we offer you our tantric and erotic massage menu. We will be delighted to discover a new world of unique and genuine intimate sensations for you to experience them to the fullest.

We will make use of our master techniques of tantric and erotic massage among which you will find sensitive massage receptors focused on those people who are beginning to make a first contact with the world of sensual massages.

Body-to-body massages that imply a more direct and erotic contact suitable for those people who seek to feel excitement in a pure state in a mutual way.

Naturist massages loaded with a lot of eroticism and excitement in which you will enjoy an authentic sensitive and visually erotic spectacle created especially for all those people who want to experience very strong sensations.

Massages with double genital stimulation or erotic shower with your masseuse are possibilities that you will also find in our menu of tantric and erotic massages and that will increase even more the erotic load of your ideal massage and, of course, your excitement and sensations.

We also put at your disposal our menu of fetish massages created especially for the most special and gourmets.

Our Prices

Body to Body


100€ 1 hour



150€ 1 hour



200€ 1 hour

Magnum Special


250€ 1 hour



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Couple Massage

Body to body massage 1 masseuse 150€, 2 masseuses 200€

Supremme massage 1 masseuse 225€, 2 masseuses 300€

Magnum massage 1 masseuse 300€, 2 masseuses 400€

Magnum Deluxe massage 2 masseuses 500€

All our massages can be enjoyed in our massage center located in Madrid where we put at your disposal luxury facilities suitable to offer you the greatest comfort. You can also request your massage session at your hotel in Madrid if you wish, offering a special schedule with the greatest discretion.

Hotel Massage


Body to Body 1 Masseuse 150€

Supremme 1 Masseuse 200€

Magnum 1 Masseuse 250€

Magnum deluxe 1 Masseuse 300€


Body to Body 1 Masseuse 200€, 2 Masseuse 250€

Supremme 1 Masseuse 275€, 2 Masseuse 350€

Magnum 1 Masseuse 350€, 2 Masseuse 450€

Magnum deluxe 2 Masseuse 550€

You can reserve your appointment by sending us an email from our contact form or by telephone and WhatsApp. Do not hesitate to ask us any question that may arise, we will be happy to help you solve them.

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